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  Sandra Cypress

Descending Into Darkness (Volume 1)

206 страниц. 2011 год.
Katherine was living in a nightmare. She was studied daily as a freak of nature because of something she couldn't control; something she was born with. But her luck soon changed. In the dead of the night, a man saved her from hell. He carried her to freedom, or so she thought. In the two years she had been locked away, the world had changed. Nightmares had come out of hiding and proved they were real. Now she is surrounded by them; vampires, shifters and every other creature that couldn't possibly exist. In one simple act of bliss, she finds herself becoming something different, something unheard of. Something other people wish to control. Now she must fight for what she has, unwilling to give up her perfect life. But this may very well prove to be something beyond her control, something that will force her to fall further. Descending into darkness with every turn.
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