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  Pamela L Rhine

On Sacred Ground

402 страниц. 2011 год.
Kephart Springs is a small, picturesque southern township with a unconventional physician working in it. He uses adolescent girls as guinea pigs for his bizarre experiments. The teen-aged girls have no idea of the grotesque and gruesome things they are made to do, and the doctor sets no limits to his guiltless immoral endeavors. Detective Bill Blackfox grew up in Pine Ridge South Dakota, south of the Sacred Black Hills. Life was difficult, but Bill beat the odds, and at a time of testing for him, he realized it had made him all that much stronger. Bill has an idea of what is going on in Kephart Springs, but never dreamt it would come to this, or who it would involve. Through his investigations he learns more than he wanted to know, and he learns that he has no control over his feelings for Lennie Warren. The detective has to do the right thing though, and he may have to go against his heart.
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