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  Tracy Palmer


340 страниц. 2011 год.
Talasara is a Werewolf… a fact that she has despised and fought against for more than three hundred years. She is also a Witch. A powerful and vital part of her that she has embraced and become dependant upon in order to help subdue her wolf. Having been raised by her Witch grandmothers, she is sheltered and hidden from the human race and her creator. A move meant to protect humans as well as Tala. And now, after discovering that her biological father is alive… well… sort of… and is of another fanged persuasion, Tala must immerse herself in the world of humans, Vampires, and Were alike in order to use the gifts of her birth to find and destroy the beast that helped create her. Teaming up with the Werewolf clan that has secretly helped raise her, Tala leaves her Ozarks home to enter the world. Naive despite her years, she finds life, death, friendship, love, and most importantly, herself, on the way to vengeance. Because it is vengeance that pulls at her. The need to annihilate the...
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