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  Thelma Celadore

Inferno of the Soul

312 страниц. 2011 год.
Aerie Letham has been selected to attend one of the nation's top fifteen high schools and the first of its kind- a boarding school for rising juniors and seniors thata??s designed to accept only the brightest of the country. She leaves behind her home in the hopes of making a new one at this treasure trove of knowledge and positive publicity. What she finds at the school, however, is a disillusioning truth: the paradise of its haven for geniuses is fraught with an overhanging shadow. This cloud of darkness lies in every emerging negative aspect of her new life, and soon it threatens to consume her. Join the melancholy heroine in abandoning everything she loves in order to eternally delve deeper, down into a truth beyond the grave, and hope with her that she will emerge able to recognize herself at the end of this story filled with a search through mystery, love, death, and despair.
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