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  Scott Meade

Twisted Christians

318 страниц. 2011 год.
Twisted Christians is a story of spiritual warfare. It exposes the realm of the spirit world, where demons manipulate the minds of nonbelievers and Christians alike. It is a story that relates to biblical prophecies as well as paranormal activity and the world of the occult. Sam Johnson's prayer for guidance not only introduces him to the world of spiritual warfare, but it also changes the course of events throughout the Northern Virginia area. Not to mention that the prayer also invokes the wrath of Lucifer—the ancient fallen angel and leader of the rebellion against Yahweh, also known as God. Sam becomes a target for demonic attack. Paul Taylor is a Messianic Jew who befriends Sam. Paul’s views on the Bible help Sam to make more sense of the Holy Scriptures, which seem to conflict with the teachings of his church. As with any person who diligently researches the Holy Scriptures, Sam finds himself struggling to separate the spirit from the flesh. Bill Thorougood is the...
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