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  Bobbie Altschul


192 страниц. 2011 год.
Everything starts on the first day of school at the Spaulding Young Ladies School where senior girls from wealthy families are sent to prepare them for either college or to at least be prepared to enter the elite society they are destined for. Doug Holly is only male teacher at the school who has a questionable past which seems to raise its ugly head this year at Spaulding. Along with his past, Doug is saddled with a wife who is less than supporting and has her own agenda which does not coincide with Douga??s. Entering into Douga??s life is Blair Randolph, a young student who becomes infatuated with him; and Caitlin Huxley, an investigator who just by coincidence and proximity becomes involved in his situation. When Blair is murdered the fingers of evidence are pointed to Doug. Caitlin has to dig into past as well as present events in order to try to clear Douga??s name. Doing so puts not only her life in danger but that of another young girl as well. Twists and...
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