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  Alan Abbadessa

Look At All The Happy Creatures

258 страниц. 2011 год.
Sort of an updated Animal Farm, set in a Conspiratorial Future, intermixed with Psy-Phi, Pop-Culture, and an Exploration of Consciousness. Look At All The Happy Creatures is a modern fable set among the ashes of the fire presently burning all around us. It's a world where the global state rules with an iron fist and the television is its greatest weapon. Follow the trained animals that are forced to sing and dance for you, to entertain you and keep you subservient. As they struggle to make sense of life in a cage, they find love and friendship - and a determination to keep them - to be their strongest form of resistance.The novel starts as an Orwellian fable then weaves in many popular conspiracy theories, mythological tales, Gnostic ideas, and more. This is a spiritual quest that finds gnosis even in the darkest aspects of nature and, in the end, finds itself balancing Paranoia with Pronoia.
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