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  The Literary Lab

Notes From Underground Anthology

210 страниц. 2011 год.
We’re happy to present our Notes From Underground anthology. Over the past year, one thing we’ve come to appreciate on The Literary Lab blog is the value of artistic freedom. To celebrate this freedom, we put together a collection of stories that were accepted before they were actually written. Our fellow writers gained entry into the anthology by impressing us with past work or proposals. From those early applications, we selected twenty-five of our favorite writers and told them simply that they had ten pages with which they could do whatever they want. We received poetry, artwork, and some amazing short stories that are both traditional and experimental. Writers challenged themselves and only themselves to see what they could truly create when they weren’t worried about rejection. In Notes From Underground readers will find a range of emotions and personalities that is as broad as the range of writers that frequent our great online community. We hope you enjoy this collection as...
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