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  John Meeks

Bogey's Final Gift

270 страниц. 2011 год.
Bogey Dawson is down on his luck. A horse trainer with big dreams and limited funds, he is passionate about Final Gift, a young filly with the potential to tear up the track, pull him out of his financial straits, and rebuild his reputation. Set in 1994 and the Charles Town racetrack, Bogey’s Final Gift, written by thoroughbred racehorse breeder and owner John Meeks, leads readers into the exciting, highly competitive, and often dangerous world of horseracing. In this richly created novel, we meet Becky Friedman, an exercise girl who has won Bogey’s heart, and the villain Edmond Huddleston, whose only goal is to get his hands on Final Gift, no matter who gets hurt…or killed. As the story unfolds, the classic Will the underdog win? question hangs over each page. This is more than a story about a horse, or a trainer who falls in love and is desperate to win the girl and the big race; it is about commitment and devotion, heroism and tenacity. Readers who love a good adventure, an...
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