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  Mr. Michael W. Paulson

The Case of the Ice Cream Blonde

216 страниц. 2011 год.
Collins set down the newspaper and scowled at his servant. a??Youa??re not helping my paranoia, Rigby.a?? Then the detective fished from his jacket pocket a silver cigarette case, opened it, grabbed one of its contents and stuffed the cigarette into his mouth. A moment later a teasing grin spread his handsome face. a??If this country goes to war Parasha and I will be in real a pickle.a?? a??I fail to see why,a?? Rigby snorted, as he signed a check. a??Youa??d coddle your disreputable cat to the enth degree, war or not.a?? a??Actually, I was thinking about you.a?? a??Me?a?? a??Someone has to represent the Collins household in the front-lines,a?? returned the detective, with mock insistence. a??We dona??t want to be considered shirkers. Why, Ia??d be banned from the Stuyvesant Club.a?? Rigby jerked upright, suddenly alarmed. a??I should think it would be far more appropriate for you to volunteer if the worst happened!a?? a??I cana??t do that,a?? Collins protested,...
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