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  Rodger Aidman

Summer of '63

194 страниц. 2011 год.
1963 was a pivotal year in American political and cultural history. In his engaging novel, author Rodger Aidman takes the reader back in time through the eyes of Bar Mitzvah boy Rod Noodleman. Only thirteen, Rod travels by himself aboard a Greyhound bus from his home in Miami to visit his cousins in Texas. Aboard the bus Rod sits between two pretty southern belles from Greenwood, Mississippi. Although they dona??t see eye to eye about integration and which is the true religion, Judaism or Christianity, a little romance does ensue. Tex Conaway the Jewish cowboy and boyhood friend of Lyndon Johnson gives Rod a history lesson. Rod can hardly believe that Tex and LBJ ran Operation Texas in the years before WWII and smuggled 500 German Jews from Nazi Germany and into Texas. Roda??s uncle, Mayor Harry Wise is the only Jewish resident of Clarksville, Texas. He confronts religious and racial intolerance in his small southern town with strength and wisdom. At a church...
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