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  Robert Bacal

If It Wasn't For The Customers I'd Really Like This Job: Stop Angry, Hostile Customers COLD While Remaining Professional, Stress Free, Efficient and Cool As A Cucumber.

188 страниц. 2011 год.
What's the best way to get an angry customer to stop yelling at you over the phone? How can you stand up for yourself AND stay professional with even the nastiest customers? How can you reduce the length of time angry customers argue? How do you ensure offensive behavior from one customer doesn't affect how you treat the NEXT customer? And, how do you stop offering rent free space in your head to angry customers who insist on haunting your thoughts after work? No more "I should have said..."! Finally a practical guide to working with difficult customers that goes beyond the obvious. Based on principles of Psychology and Psycholinguistics this book provides more than 100 tactics and behaviors you can use to deal professionally with hostile, angry, unreasonable customers without taking or giving offense. Based on discussions with thousands of customer service representatives the techniques in this book will cover almost any tough situation you may face. It's time to take...
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