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  Cypher Lx

Salt Bowl Death

212 страниц. 2011 год.
In 1876 on the Salt Flats of Utah, a prehistoric bacterium came to life when it entered the bloodied wounds of a small posse of lawmen and spread like wildfire. Two years later, the territories are overrun with the walking dead. Salt Bowl Death begins with a bounty hunter called The Reaper by those who have encountered him. Dressing in all black and riding a steed with a hellish spirit, The Reaper cuts down the undead population…for a price. No normal person feels at ease around him, whether it’s due to his reputation or the fact that he keeps his face covered. The town of Fortuna, Arizona becomes the one place where he finds that he is not alone in his quest. Ann is a Soiled Dove traveling with her best friend. Both have secrets that they are running from and they will have to face them head on when they reach the town of Fortuna. Abandoning their previous occupation, they have begun taking payment for eliminating the infected from each town they pass through. Along the way,...
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