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  Tessa B. Dick

Murder Lies: A Lavinia Stout Mystery

256 страниц. 2011 год.
"Not everything is about you!" Lavinia Stout resented being asked a favor by the college flame who had dumped her i their senior year. She reluctantly agreed to help solve the mystery of "ghost" employees in his firm, even though that was not her main line of work. She made her living as a psychic and did private investigations on the side. She thought that all he needed was a simple background check, but soon she found herself traveling from California to Denver and stumbling upon a murder. When she finally got home, she found herself the prime suspect in a vampire murder. Lavinia, whose last name “Stout” does not fit her slender build, must use her wits and not her physical strength. She expected to spend her time on boring tasks such as background checks and stake-outs of cheating spouses, but she soon finds herself investigating a series of bizarre murders involving a vampire cult. At the same time, she tries to work out a truce between her cat Tuffy and her dog Winston...
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