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  Mr Joe Phillips LCSW

The Firewall Sedition: A novel about a dangerous idea

612 страниц. 2011 год.
Somebody is trying to kill David Armstrong, or at least make him think so. He teaches Economics at the University of Chicago, the traditional home of conservative economics. He writes a controversial paper that goes viral on the internet after his Department rejects it. David calls for an economic firewall to be erected between luxuries and necessities. Public sector, planned market, socialism for necessities, and wide open, unregulated capitalism for luxuries. His online movement comes out for the nationalization of oil. Bad things happen on a regular basis, but the source of the trouble is not clear. David likes motorcycles. He drinks too much, and he does it in a biker bar when cocaine is on the back room menu. When a Columbian drug lord is arrested for killing a police officer in a raid, the Chicago police have a problem. Evidence has been known to disappear before trial, so they enlist the help of the owner of David's bar, a known small time coke dealer, to hide the evidence...
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