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  Carlton Millner

City Streets: Ride and Strive Together

306 страниц. 2011 год.
To climb to the top of the street bike scene you need 3 things; a hot bike, steely nerves, and a swagger like no other. In the gritty streets of New York city the members of City Streets MC have done this, beating all comers with the craziest stunts and quickest clock times. What will happen when an old acquaintance rises from the past to murder one of the crew? Million dollar deals are on the table but the streets call for vengeance. Will their motto 'Ride and Strive Together', be just a slogan or will it represent the bond of brotherhood forged after many years? Sometimes those we think we know so well can bitterly disappoint. But as the streets say...It is, what it is...Enjoy.
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