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  Diana Copland

Grand Jete

174 страниц. 2011 год.
Jordan Armstead is not a ballet fan, so finding himself at the Opera House with his family, watching his niece in 'The Nutcracker', is not his idea of a good time. That is until a god-like specimen wearing little more than a loin cloth and simmering oil appears on stage, effortlessly partnering his female counterpart through the sensuous 'Arabian' pas de deux. That night, when the very same man, after suffering a potentially career ending injury, appears in the emergency room where Jordan is a nurse , Jordan finds himself as attracted to the man as he was to the dancer. The attraction is mutual, and they share a magical twenty four hours. But at the end of it, Jordan finds himself wondering if he's impulsively given his heart to someone who has more important things to do than think about a one night stand. Against the backdrop of Christmas trees, sugar plums and falling snow, two men with absolutely nothing in common find out that where the heart is concerned, it just doesn't...
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