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  Roland P Joseph

PROSE in the Key of Life (Volume 1)

92 страниц. 2011 год.
Prose in the Key of Life, Volume One, is the first installment of short stories by artist and hobbyist writer, Roland P. Joseph. The stories are set against Trinidad and Tobagoa??s cultural and social landscape and are gleaned from real-life experiences. a?? The Kidnap Miracle: Mrs. Pearl Rampersad, a genteel middle-aged housewife grapples with mid-life insecurities. She seeks comfort in the arms of a thuggish youth who blackmails her and places her family in grave danger. a?? A Song in a Storm: Kerron Ali, a.k.a. Ocean Samuel, a talented youth from an impoverished village in Trinidad, wins a prize in a local talent contest to audition for a New York music producer. He soon realizes that the glitz and fame of stardom comes with too high a price. He returns home to Trinidad and discovers that the serene life he took for granted is crumbling before his eyes. a?? Indiscretions of a Carnival Queen: The marriage of a former Carnival Queen, Annabelle Castello, to a motorcar...
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