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  Dr. Joseph Roevens Ph.D, Robin Rowley, Dr. Vincent Platenkamp Ph.D

The Essential Organize with Chaos: An executive update on change, participation, entrepreneurship and organizational success in the 21st century (Volume 1)

38 страниц. 2011 год.
An executive update on change management, participation, leadership, entrepreneurship and organizational success in the 21st century. Chaos! A formula for disaster, or an essential energizing companion to any modern organization? This ready-to-use book offers a fresh approach to leadership, management, teamwork and change, for dealing effectively with today's increasingly chaotic global business conditions. It is based on Chaos theory, previously thought of as an obstacle, but now recognized as a vital energizer of innovation, performance and profit. It shows how to shift the thinking and the performance of your organization with the Enhance to Perturb to Attract to Excite Change Lens, replacing the complexity of conventional know-how with a more simple, natural methodology. Above all, it offers a systematic, practical guide to start up and run a change program, which will work. a?The Essential Organize with Chaosa?? will make common sense to anyone who is involved in an...
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