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  Neal Sanders

The Garden Club Gang

260 страниц. 2011 год.
Committing the perfect crime was just the beginning of their problems. When Paula, Eleanor, Alice and Jean a?? women of a certain age a?? plotted to steal the daily cash gate from the Brookfield Fair, they thought theya??d split about $125,000. They pulled off the robbery without a hitch, without injuring anyone and without witnesses. But when they counted the money, they found they had nearly half a million dollars, far more than the fair reported stolen. In a matter of hours, the Garden Club Gang would find themselves in a battle of wits with the local and state police, a determined insurance investigator and the criminals looking for their money. Instead of a lark, the four women found themselves in danger, and dependent upon their own resources a?? and an unexpected ally a?? to outwit both the law and the crooks determined to find the money and silence those who stole it. The Garden Club Gang offers finely drawn portraits of four women with all-too-credible motives...
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