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  Angi Shearstone

BloodDreams Issue 1 (Volume 1)

64 страниц. 2011 год.
A fully painted graphic novel about vampires on the verge of extinction & the punk who reluctantly might be the one to save them all. -- After years of screwing up, Jonny has finally found himself on the brink of pulling his young life together. Unfortunately, his talent and energies have been drawing attention from a world of which few know and even fewer speak. Like most everyone, Jonny has no idea vampires even exist until he finds himself dead at the hands of one, how could he possibly know that he's also a very good candidate to become one? As Jonny stumbles clumsily into and through his first hours of unlife with little recollection and even less knowledge of the evening's events, he cluelessly broadcasts his new condition to vampires and vampire hunters alike. Very unfortunately, he specifically attracts the notice of some hunters belonging to the organization largely responsible for pushing vampire-kind into near extinction, ironically out tracking the vampire who...
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