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A Little Lost Soul Found a Friend   Deatrix Willis

A Little Lost Soul Found a Friend

150 страниц. 2011 год.
Deatrix Willis' life has been shattered by one tragedy after another. She was born into a family of seven brothers and five sisters. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by family-her parents and her stepparents-no one protected her or saved her from tremendous abuse. From an early age, Deatrix had to protect herself from the abuse that was heaped upon her; she had to find a way to survive. At the age of thirteen, she had to take care of herself, respect herself, and find the confidence to find her way in the world. She wanted to go to school, but she also had to keep a roof over her head. So she supported herself by living on the streets of Los Angeles. Walking the streets late at night was a scary way of live, because there were rapists and other people who could harm her. She took her life in her hands every time she got into a car with someone she did not know,. But then she found a friend and faith in herself, and her life changed forever.
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