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  Paul McComas

Unforgettable: Harrowing Futures, Horrors, & (Dark) Humor

490 страниц. 2011 год.
Includes TWO sneak previews from Logana??s Journey, the first Logan novel in one-third of a century, co-written with Logana??s Run author William F. Nolan! From aliens to zombies, from prehistoric monsters to monstrously conceived tomorrows, this collection comprises Paul McComasa?? fifty best speculative-fiction, horror, and dark-comic works -- most of them never before published. Youa??ll encounter a??Nessiea?? and nuclear apocalypse; voodoo and vampires; androids and ax murderers; death curses and dystopias; cognizant, conniving corporations and a??Collies in Spacea?? . . . plus ice worlds and werewolves and eels, oh my! Ingenious, heartfelt, and always entertaining, Unforgettable is the thinking persona??s, the feeling persona??s, and the snickering persona??s a??genre book,a?? all in one -- as well as an eclectic, audacious, ever-surprising celebration of the human imagination. a??McComas is a one-man powerhouse, an author-magician, a wizard with words whose range is...
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