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  Lindy Vinke

Music for the Sun King. Music and Murder at Versailles.

312 страниц. 2011 год.
Music for the Sun King is a murder mystery set in 17th century France at the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV. The investigation of a crime committed many years ago sets in motion a series of events that culminate in the murder of a musician. This rich and atmospheric novel portrays the fascinating culture of 17th century France and the plot weaves its way through the squalid streets of Paris, the sumptuous Palace of Versailles, the Bastille prison, a convent, the countryside of the Loire Valley and the magnificent chateaux of the aristocracy. In 1674, shortly before the fabulous celebrations known as the Grand Divertissement, Robert Dieupartis, the King’s harpsichordist, is poisoned and his young assistant, accused of his murder, is incarcerated in the Bastille. Madeleine is asked to replace Robert, to play the harpsichord in the various musical events that have been planned at Versailles, where competition for the King’s favour is intense and often cut-throat. She comes to...
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