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  Henry Slaughter

In Search of the Pearl of Great Price: The Unforgettable Autobiography of Henry Slaughter

156 страниц. 2011 год.
Five-time Dove Award-winning keyboardist, singer and songwriter has captivated countless audiences since the 1940 with such memorable groups as the Stamps-Ozark Quartet, the Weatherfords, the Imperials, the Gaithers, and since the 1970s as Henry and Hazel Slaughter. But his story is more than international recognition, awards and showmanship. IN SEARCH OF THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, originally published in 1980, is the personal account of Henry's down-home "roots," his tragedies, his returning to "zero" again and again. Most of all, it is a story of music born both in the depths of despair and the mountaintops. IN SEARCH OF THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE also includes revealing recollections by legendary Gospel songwriter Bill Gaither, country artist Billy Walker, Gospel greats such as Jake Hess and Glen Payne, and beloved family members.
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