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  Temple Troy

The New Genesis

254 страниц. 2011 год.
As the end of a civilization approaches, a new one awaits on a distant horizon obscured by evil, selfishness and greed. Most of those on Earth will fall prey to the ravenous entity that approaches from deep space. Only the special people, the ones hand-picked by the last savior, will live to perpetuate the human race. Part human and part divine, the last savior lives quietly among the people, watching and waiting. He struggles with his mortal side that wants to love and live like one of them but knows he must keep himself detached to protect himself from discovery. During his nomad life, he meets a group of special people with priceless gifts of the heart. His human side endures painful lessons of trust, loyalty and love while his spiritual self is their teacher and leader. If he can successfully get them to a special world light-years away, he will not only save the human race from extinction, but ignite the long-awaited metamorphosis of man.
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