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  Gori Suture

Shatter Kinder: A Smut Saga (Volume 3)

352 страниц. 2011 год.
The next chapter in the mind-bending Smut Sagas has arrived. The veil is finally lifted on Eden, the home of the gods. This is the story of Mordecio-Astothan, who is an Angel of Death for the gods themselves and a possible catalyst for the end of all things real and imagined. At once heart-rending, erotic, illuminating, and mysterious, Gori Suture reveals just how like us our deities really are, and how terrifying that could be. Even the gods bend to a will. That will is Paradox, and Its machinations are ultimately Its own. For Paradox has plans for Its realms, and Mordecio-Astothan will find out, to his horror, just what they are. Prepare yourself, humble reader, for Shatter Kinder, an odyssey unlike any other you have ever taken, a world of erotic horror, fantastic and heartbreaking, as only Gori Suture can provide.
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