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  James F Guess

Death of the Goddess, Birth of the Son, & the Tales of Zeus

354 страниц. 2011 год.
Everybody loves Greek Mythology but few people know anything about it. While countless books have been written on the subject, they are either too academic and stilted or too simple to capture the attention of most readers. James Guess has solved this problem by creating a unique book filled with passionate stories of war, intrigue, and eternal love. He writes for both those wanting to immerse themselves in an exciting story and readers searching for deeper meaning. Myths are the original soap operas while offering a rich source of insight into the paradoxical nature of human existence. The style of this narrative gently nudges the reader to search for answers to intriguing mythological questions: Why did Perseus kill Medusa? Why are Apollo and Artemis twins? Why did Theseus kill the Minotaur? Is Hercules (Heracles) the son of Zeus or Hera? Why does Odysseus blind the Cyclops? What is the meaning of Oedipusa??s bad feet? Who is Agamemnon and why is he, and not...
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