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  Al Past

Distant Cousin: Recirculation (Volume 5)

324 страниц. 2011 год.
Volume 5 of the Distant Cousin series Is it possible to ever really know another person? After all, parents who know their offspring better than anyone are often surprised by what their children do and who they become. If a parent should have her own secrets--such as being from another planet, perhaps--and have made a new life in an unfamiliar world, wouldn't we expect her to be occasionally surprised, maybe even astonished, by her own children? Ana Darcy Mendez certainly has her own problems and secrets--but then, so do her teenage twins. When the twins' first independent steps toward adulthood entangle each one in danger, their mother disappears on the other side of the world. Will luck, family ties, and love be enough to allow Ana's increasingly complicated family to survive intact?
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