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  David Eubanks

How to Be A Project Manager Without Getting Killed: A How-to Novel

226 страниц. 2011 год.
From How-to Novels, a how-to book presented in a fictional story. Richard Morrow never asked to be a project manager. His desperate company is submerged in countless failed projects and needs new leadership in the project manager position. Richard agrees to the take on the challenge with Silverstruk Industries, only to find this complex project is seeded with disastrous factors that erupt in an overwhelming sequence of events. He is struggling to bring order to the project by enforcing a methodology on his undisciplined project team when the assignment takes an ominous turn. The merciless patriarch of the family business secretly coerces the unsuspecting manager into a devilish contract where success is the only outcome that will save him from the father’s revenge. The objective: deliver a full functioning ERP software system. Operating under the constant fear of death, Richard develops the skills the project manager needs to deal with an unruly team driven by greed, survivalism and a...
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