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  Drake Russell

The Trouble with Treasure: The Hardway Series (Volume 2)

464 страниц. 2011 год.
The Hardway heroes are back and adventure abounds when the group decides to go in search of treasure when Tolian the mage is given an old map by a dying gnome. Join them as they continue to explore the enchanted world of Jarvis. This two-in-one book contains the adventures: Symatack Run & Provincial Problems In the first story, 'Symatack Run', our heroes try their hand at treasure hunting in the treacherous jungles of the Symatack. What starts out to be a to be a mission in search of a lost temple that has a room of filled with gold turns into much, much more! 'Provincial Problems' continues the story in a far off exotic land where many things are different, but not greed, treachery, and subterfuge. Can our heroes survive long enough to be of help to the Emperor of Missan, and what of the beautiful and mysterious daughter of the shogun?
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