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  Corneliu Mitrache

From Death Row With Love

198 страниц. 2011 год.
When an English teacher from Seattle watches a young surfer on the news recounting his encounter with a shark, her life spirals out of control. The stranger resembles not only the boy she loved and lost in her teens but also their son who died in a motorcycle accident. Curiosity leads to obsession and Ana moves to San Diego where, with luck and cunning, she becomes the boy’s teacher. Since the boy is not interested in having a second mom, Ana finds herself walking a thin line between the motherly affection that he inspires as a dead look-a-like to her deceased son and her teenage self who’s attracted to this young double of her first love. But her worst nightmare is yet to come when she learns the truth about the mysterious student. Ana is in fact the boy’s real mother, but the woman who stole him will stop at nothing to keep him as her own. A deadly confrontation follows, and suicidal Ana bluffs her way onto death row. What will it take to bring her back from this early grave? ...
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