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  Dr. Ike Okorie

Foreign Affairs Minister

158 страниц. 2011 год.
Chief Ndu Maduka is Nigeria's Foreign Affairs Minister and one of the power brokers in his Party. As the European Union pushes for the conclusion of a new trade regime known as Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) by December 31, 2007 with Nigeria and other African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, Chief Maduka throws himself into the fray in order to save Nigeria from economic disaster. He campaigns vigorously and builds alliances and bridges across a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Political intrigues, backstabbing, abduction, estrangement from his wife and the Niger Delta crisis are formidable forces to stop him in his mission. Chief Maduka, however, succeeds in convincing the Federal Government to reject conclusion of either an interim or full EPAs. In recognition of his efforts, he is honoured with Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR) Award. As his political profile rises, Chief Maduka is nominated the Presidential Candidate of his Political Party at its National Convention.
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