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  Martin Malloy

That Which We Are

286 страниц. 2011 год.
Sergeant Nick Caulfield, an aging yet idealistic police officer, patrols the resort town of Yarmouth Beach. Carrying the memory and psychological trauma of having seen his partner murdered in Philadelphia several years ago, Caulfield copes by devoting himself to his work and by tirelessly watching over the young officers entrusted to his command. Each shift, he and his team hit the streets to handle a wide variety of assignments, many of which are exciting and dangerous. When a young girl goes missing and her body is discovered days later, Caulfield embarks on an odyssey to determine what happened to her and who is responsible. Along the way, he meets and falls for Donna Sauver, a summer resident, estranged from her husband and struggling with the choices she has made in life. The relationship between Caulfield and Sauver grows as the investigation unfolds. Assisting Caulfield in the murder case is Detective Cheryl D’Agostino, a tough but intuitive investigator. Together,...
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