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  Lavay Byrd

Light Horse, Dark Horse: Book one - The Miraculous Birth: The Light Horse Has Come (Volume 1)

76 страниц. 2011 год.
In the beginning, all was created perfectly by the Three Horse Lords, until the equines of Earth committed a terrible sin. Ever since then, the Earth has been placed under a heavy curse of evil, and all of equine kind was doomed to face their worst punishment: eternal separation from The Great Horse, Creator and High Horse Lord of all creations. However, it has been foretold that the Light Horse, Son of the Great Horse, will be born as a mortal on Earth, and He will cleanse the Earth from its impurity and rule the equines as their eternal King. Initiating the prophecy, The Great Horse launched a strange but powerful plan to save His creations. He has chosen Sierra, a young maiden filly, and Shadow, a young stallion and Sierra’s true-hearted friend; to be the mortal parents of His Son. However, Abaddon, the evil Dark Horse, has his own agenda: preventing the prophecy of the Light Horse from coming to pass. In order to prepare the coming of their Savior, Sierra and Shadow must...
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