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  Joe Plantamura

Genesis (Volume 1)

322 страниц. 2011 год.
Set in the year 2025, Genesis is the story of a Tony Conroy, a young man who suffers from terminal brain cancer. With no hope remaining, he consents to a radical and untried viral vector treatment. After several weeks in a coma, Tony awakens to realize that he has unique abilities that challenge established medical knowledge. Tom Peterson, a pharmaceutical executive, will do anything to get the viral vector, and he wants Tony dead. However, both Tony and Tom discover that the vector did not bring about Tony's superior abilities, that a new technology, something portentous yet ominous, had saved him and now threatens humanity's survival. However, without regard to the threat, Tom wants to use the device as a weapon and enrich himself beyond belief. To get away from pursuers, Tony and his girlfriend, Sherrie, travel with Bob, an aspiring medical student, to an experimental Cherokee community where Tony realizes that his legacy and the Cherokee's are undeniably linked and that he alone...
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