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  Dave Donelson

The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Creative Selling: How To Make More Sales And Build A Super Sales Career

362 страниц. 2011 год.
Dave Donelson makes selling a creative act. Following his system, you’ll create new demand for your products and services, find more new customers, and develop closer, stronger relationships with your existing clients. All the basic techniques of selling are covered—finding and qualifying prospects, making cold-call appointments, delivering dynamic sales presentations, finding a clear path around objections, and closing the sale in a friendly, no-pressure way. But building a successful sales career also means finding your way through mazes of decision makers, upselling current clients to better serve their needs, and even turning unhappy buyers into customers for life. Managing your time is an essential skill, too, as is motivating yourself to improve your performance every single day. The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Creative Selling isn't about theory--it's about doing. It's a how-to book outlining the steps to creatively making a sale using methods that will please both...
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