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  Sammy Sutton

King Solomon's Journey (Volume 1)

480 страниц. 2011 год.
Anthropologist Antonio Dominguez and spiritualist Amanda Messenger have spent years trying to uncover the clues, connect the dots, and discover the secrets history has left for us... and have devoted their entire lives to learning about those who have come before, and the connection shared between us all. When they unearth the 3,000 year-old scrolls King Solomon sent up the Rio Grande in 939 B.C., however, they not only discover an invaluable piece of history, they unlock the key to saving humanity from potential catastrophe, embarking on an adventure greater than the sands of time could ever predict. Hunted by an evil faction that goes by the name of OPERAa??who will stop at nothing to obtain the scrollsa??Antonio and Amanda find themselves on the run and up to their necks in trouble as they race against time to solve the labyrinth and vanquish OPERA. Full of high-octane action, Sammy Suttona??s debut novel tackles all the issues your mother warned you never to discuss: politics,...
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