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  Mike Chatelain

Create the Practice of Your Dreams: Best of "Tips and Ideas" Volume One (Volume 1)

166 страниц. 2011 год.
ExecTech, a management-consulting firm, has been helping practice owners reduce their stress, increase their profit and reach their goals for 20 years. One way we do this is by publishing a weekly a??Tips and Ideasa?? newsletter. In the a??Tips and Ideasa?? articles, we provide advice you can instantly use to move one step closer to the practice of your dreams. You get fresh ideas to solve old problems. You learn how to become happier, wealthier and more successful. "Create the Practice of Your Dreams" contains 50 of these articles. The first chapter is on marketing. You learn the virtues of bragging, how to avoid common marketing errors and how to build your own referral network. You also learn how to use the internet to promote your practice, generate word-of-mouth referrals and expand your web presence. In Chapter Two, you learn dozens of ways you can manage your patients so they become life-time patients. You learn ten solutions for an over-booked practice, how up to 35% of...
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