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  Xiao Na

Net-Advertising Audience Psycho-analysis and Effect Measurement

142 страниц. 2011 год.
Net-Advertising is the combination of network technology and advertising. The network transmission mode has a very high knowledge and technology content, a broad and extensive outreach and solid dissemination strength, therefore, the net-advertising birth from network technology has many new features comparing with traditional media advertising, of which interactivity is the most significant one. It is the interactivity of Net-Advertising that greatly enhances the selective ability and opportunity of the audience to choose. That is, compared to traditional media advertising, the Internet audience attitudes on online advertising influences the online advertising results. The interactivity is the advantage of Net-Advertising while it also contains inherent defects. We shall note that all of the above advantages are built on the basis of active choice based of the audience, while whether the audience is willing to read the advertisements, participate in interactive, and buy commodities...
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