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  Herbert L Clarke

How I became a cornetist: The autobiography of a cornet-playing pilgrim's progress

186 страниц. 2011 год.
a??How I became a cornetist a?? The autobiography of a corneta??playing pilgrima??s progressa?? gives the reader a clear and wonderfully candid insight into Herbert L. Clarkea??s thoughts and experiences during his progression from childhood, to the beginnings of his career as an internationally renowned cornet soloist. In a remarkably humble and sincere manner, Clarke leads us through his first experiences with an ophicleide which had a??clappers as large as a teacupa??, his premature enlisting into the Queena??s Own Regimental Band, a a??frightful discorda?? when playing offa??stage trumpet parts with an orchestra, work as a professional violist, illness, his corneta??playing heroes, swollen lips, his failures, and ultimately, a small taste of his many successes. This longa??awaited reprint of Clarkea??s autobiographical sketches aims to present the authora??s words in a clear and easily accessible pocketbook format. A bare minimum of editing has been carried out in this...
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