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  Ruy Barraco Marmol

Gotcha Saint Paul: The Mystery of the Apostle Saint Paul and the True Word of God

330 страниц. 2011 год.
This book is a about the Apostle Saint Paul, the book of Revelation, and principally about Christ. Despite my Catholic education, several times, readings of passages of the Epistles of Saint Paul had left me with serious doubts about them, but the sane trust that I have been taught to have in the Bible, allowed me to live with those doubts until I studied the epistles. When I studied them, the love for the truth, that I also have been taught to have, left me with no other option but to admit that they have many errors, vices and even teachings directly opposed to Christ's teachings, and led me to realize that Saint Paul was a false prophet responsible for the worst errors, and vices, not only of the Catholic Church, but also of the Christian Church in general. Moreover, I realized that the defeat of the worst errors and vices that threaten our present and our future depends on the recognition of Saint Paul as a false prophet. In addition, when I studied the book of Revelation, I found...
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