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  Arno Arrak

What Warming?: Satellite View of Global Temperature Change

92 страниц. 2011 год.
This book questions the existence of anthropogenic global warming and exposes errors of global warming advocates. It uses satellite global temperature measurements to show that the late twentieth century warming simply did not exist. What satellites do see in the eighties and nineties is that world temperature simply oscillated around a median value by half a degree Celsius. Clearly temperature curves showing warming in this time slot are wrong and very likely are doctored. Three official temperature sources are involved and should be investigated. These oscillations detected by satellites turned out to be phases of the ENSO system consisting of alternate El Nino peaks and La Nina valleys. It was necessary to develop a new theory of how ENSO works to make sense of it. Real warming did not start until 1998 when a super El Nino arrived. In four years global temperature rose by a third of a degree and then stabilized again for an extended 'twenty-first century high.' This was the only...
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