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  Sara Butler

Jake and Zach's Special Day

34 страниц. 2011 год.
On a beautiful summer morning, Jake wakes up his little brother Zach bright and early. Today is a very special day, and Jake doesn't want to miss a single minute. Along with their parents, the boys have flown to visit their grandparents, Gramps and Nana, at their home on the lake. After a hearty breakfast of their favorite treat, blueberry pancakes, the kids are anxious to strike out, for today it will be just Gramps, Jake, and Zach off on a fishing adventure of their very own. First stop: the bait shop, where they select a carton of wriggly (and kind of gross) worms. Then its on to the lake, to a special spot Gramps picks out just for them. Not only do the boys catch their very first fish, they also spot a deer, loons, and even an eagle. All in all, it is a perfect day, made all the better by Gramps's promise that they will have many more together. Jake and Zach's Special Day is a heartwarming and fun-filled picture book about the importance of grandparents and how lasting memories...
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