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  Micheline Cote

A Writer's Retreat: Starting from Scratch to Success!

100 страниц. 2011 год.
A Writer's Retreat: Starting from Scratch to Success! In this book, you have at your disposal the means for starting and operating a writersa?? retreat. Based on the authora??s extensive experience in marketing, administration, and managing writersa?? retreats, A Writersa?? Retreat: Starting from Scratch to Success! provides the tools and structure that lead to consistent value to residents. This formula, tools + structure = value, works every time and has proven to be successful. This is the first time that the steps to establishing a writersa?? retreat have been explained in such clear, practical terms. Micheline CA?tA© draws on her years of experience as a retreat operator, a communication specialist, and a realtor to demystify what can seem like a huge undertaking into a methodical approach to defining, framing, planning and, most importantly, welcoming guests in your home and residential retreat. Through this book, youa??ll discover that creating a successful retreat...
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