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  Brett O'Donnell, Amy O'Donnell, Sean O'Donnell, Joseph O'Donnell

Dental Practice Solutions Manual: Essential Dental Management Systems (Volume 1)

238 страниц. 2011 год.
Imagine that you are in England, during the height of World War II. You are part of an engineering team facing a tough challenge; increase the chances that the planes protecting England will make it home safely. You've got very little time, and limited resources, so you must be as efficient as possible. The mechanics who work on the planes that made it back to base are suggesting that you reinforce the wings because they have the most bullet holes. Adding supports may make the wing stronger but the weight increase will lower the payload of your aircraft. Given your limited resources, what do you do? The modern dental practice is faced with countless decisions on a daily basis that affect the health and well being of members of the community… and we can do more with the resources we already have! Springboard's mission is simple: to improve the delivery of dental care in America. You've got the skills and equipment to provide high quality care, we've got the tools & expertise...
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