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Beneath the Banyan Tree: My Family Chronicles   Cornelia Lichauco Fung

Beneath the Banyan Tree: My Family Chronicles

476 страниц. 2011 год.
Beneath the Banyan Tree is a daughter's personal account of her family's story through four generations and a turbulent era. The tale begins during the Spanish colonial period, and continues through the Philippine Revolution, the violent struggle and pacification by the Americans, the gradual evolution of a nation's democratic structure interrupted by the tragedy of the Second World War, and the final triumph of independence. It is also the personal story of a family, told simply, with candor and affection.As the Filipino identity and a sense of nationhood was forged in the Philippines, the Lichauco family played a role in the creation of the nation. Beginning with the coming of her Chinese ancestor Thomas Lichauco, from Tongan in Fujian Province in the early 19th century, and her Spanish antecedents from Galicia, the author traces the multi-racial and multi-cultural tapestry that created the blending of eastern and western elements of her family. It begins with the story of Cornelia...
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