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  Kristin Sauerhoff

All The Wiser

138 страниц. 2011 год.
I stood alone in a small changing room behind a curtain, still in my robe. I faced the mirror and looked at myself straight in the eye and said, through tears, I have breast cancer. I was stunned. I was mortified. Most importantly, I was on my way to becoming a survivor. Obviously that day changed my life. I immediately started my journey to learn as much as I could about cancer and what would be coming down the road for my family and me. I searched the web, read books, talked to friends . . . anything that I could do to learn about this thing called cancer . I researched questions such as what causes breast cancer? , how is breast cancer treated? , what are survival rates? and many others. That was my coping mechanism. Now, more than a year after my diagnosis, I have written this book with the hope that women with a similar yearning for knowledge will find my story, and the medical information that I have included, useful in their journeys. This book is not simply about my story, but...
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