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  Nhu Le Goodhue

Effective Email for the Professional

74 страниц. 2011 год.
Email communications are critical in every facet of the corporate world. Whether communicating with customers, vendors, or others within our own organizations, we should all strive for effective and professional communications. Each email we send is an opportunity for others to see us and our organizations in a positive way. We do not want to send emails which are a liability to our careers or to our organizations. Unfortunately, many of us did not learn about effective email communication in school and email communication is at times very differ-ent than writing business letters. There are others, you know who they are, who write emails like text messages to their friends. No doubt a quick review of our inboxes reveals that for whatever reason, many people fail to communicate effectively in email. The information in this book will assist the reader in sending more professional emails.
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