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  Andy Cicchillo

Defeating the Demons Within

234 страниц. 2011 год.
The true story of Andy Cicchillo: A Battle of Hope and Survival Sexual abuse by priests has destroyed peoples lives for centuries. Andy was one of the victims. After enduring lifelong effects of the abuse, confronting the church and priest who abused him, then being lied to by church authorities, Andy sought justice. He courageously filed a lawsuit against the nations largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese. He became a national speaker raising awareness of a long-time atrocity and became a survivor in the process. To move from Victim to Survivor, Andy had to defeat many demons within: -Himself Guilt, Shame, Anger, Broken Spirit -His Relationships Family, Friends, Co-Workers -The Catholic Church This is the dramatic story of Andys battle to recover from priest abuse and how the Hope, Strength and Healing that only God can provide, enabled him to finally Defeat the Demons Within
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